TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 143

Amazing Foliage Spring Foliage SEDUM 'POOL PARTY' Sedum 'Pool Party' Dive in and enjoy this outstanding dense, mounding plant with cauliflower-like flower heads. These showy flowers appear in July and mature to large flat heads of light pink. Succulent, blue foliage contrasts nicely with the pink flowers. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 14/25/18 PP22842 EU34249 (syn. Hylotelephium) Sedum telephium 'Rosetta' PP26190 EU43641 (Rüsetta) (syn. Hylotelephium) 'Rosetta' is a force of nature with blue-green leaves that open like icy-blue roses on the new growth in the spring. These blue-green leaves stay very attractive on their upright arching stems all summer. In late summer, white flowers form in clusters on the ends of each branch. We've watched this plant in awe for several years and hope you will be equally spellbound. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 16/30/22 Sedum 'Thunderhead' PP24693 EU46411 (syn. Hylotelephium) Huge, deep rose flower heads that look like summer thunderhead clouds. Very stout, upright stems are a mid-border marvel. Handsome, grey-green foliage is the perfect foil for the dramatic long lasting flowers. One of the most majestic Sedums TERRA NOVA ® has introduced. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 27/24/30 SEDUM 'ROSETTA' Giant Flowers Spring foliage SEDUM 'THUNDERHEAD' 141