TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 140

Won AGM from the RHS in 2006 Spring foliage SEDUM 'BEACH PARTY' Sedum 'Beach Party' PP22810 EU34291 (syn. Hylotelephium) Blooming plants look like mounding pink dunes in the garden – very compact. The prolific flowers are star-shaped and light rose-pink. Spring leaves are a showy yellow-green, edged with red. Needs good sun and drainage. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 10/19/14 Sedum 'Cloud Walker' PP17406 EU20562 (syn. Hylotelephium) 'Cloud Walker' beautifully combines large mauve blooms and dark tinted blue foliage. A Sedum spectabile hybrid with vase shaped, open branching habit that creates a new look in a flowering, hybrid Sedum. The 6-8" airy flower clusters are layered in cloud-like pattern. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 15/22/17 SEDUM 'CLASS ACT' Sedum 'Class Act' What's classier than winning a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit? Not much! This plant did exactly that against more that 50 others by impressing the judges with its compact, upright habit and full heads of the most stunning rose-pink flowers. A winner in the garden and in the beds! Z 4-9 ˜ D J 16/14/18 PP20125 EU24282 (syn. Hylotelephium) 138 SEDUM 'CLOUD WALKER' Sedum telephium 'Cherry Truffle' PP24602 EU40445 (syn. Hylotelephium) Multiple crowns of upright foliage are painted in purple, black, green and gray. With the summer sun, they turn to a velvety purple black. This compact grower fills a gallon pot quickly, which reflects the TERRA NOVA ® breeding model, improving the overall habit of the genus. Warm-pink flowers top the plant in mid-July. Find out why some of the world's largest nurseries are replacing all their old Sedums with TERRA NOVA ® 's varieties. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 16/24/18