TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 137

TERRA NOVA ® Sedum • Foliage stays clean • Well-branched Received Highest Rating at MSU for Container Culture • High contrast foliage colors • Pollinator magnets Received Highest Rating at MSU for Container Culture • Award winning • Stems that stay upright Spring Foliage SEDUM 'BIRTHDAY PARTY' Sedum 'Birthday Party' PP22826 EU34292 (syn. Hylotelephium) You don't want a birthday party to flop, nor do you want your Sedums to! This outstanding Sedum from our PARTY HARDY ™ Series will dazzle you in late summer or early fall with its huge, deep rose pink flower heads atop solid, compact foliage that doesn't fall apart. The succulent leaves are deliciously tinted purple-maroon which provides color before the blooms light up the garden. Z 4-9 ˜ D J 7/20/11 Sedum telephium 'Chocolate Drop' PP22866 EU33179 (syn. Hylotelephium) Upright mounds of lightly scalloped, glossy dark chocolate-brown leaves make a great addition to the border or the rock-garden. Soft rose-colored flowers top and accent the foliage. Mix with golds and bronzes for an unforgettable effect. So round and chocolatey, you'll want to "kiss" them! Z 4-9 ˜ D J 8/14/10 SEDUM 'CHOCOLATE DROP' 135