TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 126

('TNLEWCC') PPAF ™ NEW Lewisia CONSTANT Coral ™ CONSTANT Coral has coral pink flowers over vigorous deep green leaves. Easy to grow in the garden given good drainage. Z 4-8   y ® D J 4/10/8 The collection is called CONSTANT ™ for two reasons, the plants continuously bloom from spring to fall and they are excellent survivors in normal greenhouse and nursery cultivation. Lewisia CONSTANT ™ Collection LEWISIA CONSTANT ™ FUCHSIA LEWISIA CONSTANT ™ CORAL 124 LEWISIA 'CONSTANT COMMENT' ('TNLEWCF') PPAF ™ NEW Lewisia CONSTANT Fuchsia ™ CONSTANT Fuchsia is constantly blooming, reblooming all during the summer season. Easy to grow in full sun with good drainage. Z 4-8   y ® D J 4/10/8 Lewisia 'Constant Comment' This succulent perennial, which forms compact rosettes with short panicles of large, rose pink flowers, will also rebloom. This hybrid is more tolerant of container growing than Lewisia species. Z 6-9   y ® D J 3/5/5