TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 118

Kniphofia POPSICLE ™ Series • Perfect for mixes and mid-height in gardens KNIPHOFIA 'LEMON POPSICLE' Kniphofia 'Banana Popsicle' PP27617 PVR 'Banana Popsicle' forms numerous short spikes of golden yellow flowers the first year and repeat blooming from July through October in Canby, Oregon. It has a compact habit with mult \Bܛۜ\ܘ\HX]\[^[[Y܋][HۙB[ۈH\YX\H\YH[\K NH0H H N M̍ӒTђPH АSSHPIŒLMۚ\ٚXH [[ۈXI LHUL Y] [[ۋ^Y[Z\ݙ\\[\X\\X]]ܙX]ܘ\HXYK\[\ۈܝ\Z\ˈX\Hܛ[[[X\Y\\H܈\˂ NH0H H NKM ̍H[[;H\X[YH0HYH HXYH ћXYHXY ћ\[ [[\HYܘ[ HH]\H]\HHH[[Z[ؚ\HH\H[HY\\\[HY\[H[\