TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 111

Heucherella 'Mojito' PP26946 EDV(EU39500) Warm gold spring color gives way to summer lime, always with red veins that hold their color well into the season. Dense, compact habit. Short petioles give this plant a unique fullness. It's always neat with few or no flower spikes for easy maintenance. Z 4-9  š f 7/15/10 NEW Heucherella 'Onyx' True black, glossy, deeply cut leaves on a dens HYY][H^H[[XZH\HܙX][\H[ IݙHY[ܚ[܂YX\]HX]X\[K\š\] ݙ\X][[ZY]H]ܙX][Bܝ\ HH H]^\^\X][X[ܙX]XYH܈Z^Y۝Z[\˂ NH;;0 L MMBQUPTSH SҒU“[[[[[H[\BUPTSH ӖV °H[[;H\X[YH0HYH HXYH ћXYHXY ћ\[ [[\HYܘ[ HH]\H]\HHH[[Z[ؚ\HH\H[HY\\\[HY\[H[\܂L