TERRA NOVA® Nurseries, Inc. 2017/2018 Catalog - Page 106

"Top Performer", Mass. Hort Society Trials 2014 Fall Color Heucherella 'Sunrise Falls' PP23666 EU37692 A vigorous, trailing Heucherella with large, yellow, maple-shaped leaves and red veins. Fall leaves have dramatic red tints. The stems will trail 2 feet in a container making a wonderful hanging basket or a super groundcover. Z 4-9 ˜  š f 7/30/13 10 ]X\[H Y[ۙH[ LUL̍ LHXۙ[\Z[[S8(\Y\ Y[ۙB[\ݙ[H\]\HؙYX]\]Y\ܚ[\ۈX\[ˈH[\[Z[ Y][B۝Z[\XZ[Hۙ\[[[\]܈H\\ܛ[ݙ\ NH;0 ̍ LUPTSH QSӑHS