Tennessee Williams Program 33rd Annual - Page 8

2019 FESTIVAL EVENTS SATURDAY - MARCH 30 6 GEORGE AND JOYCE WEIN JAZZ AND HERITAGE CENTER HOTEL MONTELEONE: VARIOUS HOTEL MONTELEONE: QUEEN ANNE BALLROOM HOTEL MONTELEONE: VIEUX CARRÉ ROOM 3p-4:30p A Confederacy of Dunces 9a-4p Book Fair Queen Anne A 9a-10a The New Orleans Writing Marathon 6:30p-8p A Confederacy of Dunces 9a-4p Box Office Queen Anne B 9p-10:15p Lulu White: The Queen of Storyville MURIEL’S JACKSON SQUARE WILLIAMS RESEARCH CENTER VARIOUS LOCATIONS 10a-11:15a Errol Laborde interviews Douglas Brinkley 8a-9:15a Books & Beignets 10a-11:15a Jason Berry: On Page and Screen 2p-3:30p The Holy Warriors Play Holy Wars New Orleans Jazz Museum 10a-11:15a Take Me Away: Celebrating a Sense of Place 11:30a-12:45p Cutting Out the Middle Men: a Guide to Self-Publishing 10a-11:15a Toot It or Boot It: Making Your Pitch to Publishers 11:30a-12:45p Desire: From Page to Stage, From Tennessee to Today 7:30p-9p Baby Doll Le Petit Theatre 10a-12p Tennesee Williams Literary Walking Tour Queen Anne Parlor 11:30a-12:45a American Optimism: Finding our way in Troubled Times 1p-2:15p Contemporary Publishing and Promotions: an Insider View 11:30a-12:45p Writing Young Adult Fiction: It’s Not Just For Teens 1p-2:15p Fact Checking and Myth Busting in the World of Tennessee Williams 7:30p-9:30p Azul Southern Rep Theatre 10a-12p Historic Storyville Walking Tour Lobby 1p-2:15p Won’t You Be My (New Orleans) Neighborhood? 2:30p-3:45p Peter Hagan, President of The Dramatists Play Service 1p-2:15p The Eternally Fascinating Question of “Whodunnit?” 2:30p-3:45p The Fictional Tennessee: Williams Portrayed in Creative Fiction and Drama 8p-9:30p Suddenly Last Summer The Lower Depths Theater at Loyola University 2p-4p Tennesee Williams Literary Walking Tour Queen Anne Parlor 2:30p-3:45p “In Memory, Everything Seems to Happen in Music”-- The Craft of Memoir 3p-5p Saints and Sinners Literary Walking Tour Lobby 4p-5:15p National Book Foundation presents: the Power of Sexuality in Contemporary Literature 5p-7p Historic Storyville Walking Tour Lobby 6p-7:30p Patricia Clarkson and Bryan Batt TENNESSEE WILLIAMS/NEW ORLEANS LITERARY FESTIVAL