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Laser-engraved USB sticks The challenge for retailers of promotional items is to resell these products for a profit, preferably in large quantities. Typically the only added value which companies add to promotional products is marking the company name or logo onto the product, yielding relatively low profit margins. Successful suppliers of promotional items manage to stand out from the competition by specialising in innovative processing technologies and achieving generous profit margins. Given that very large quantities are traded in the promotional industry and no fixed costs are incurred when laser processing, retailers can significantly increase the profitability of their company by offering laser engraved items. The purchase of a laser machine can pay off very quickly when processing around 100 items per week, which is easily achievable. Patented technology Trotec Laser - The right partner for retailers of promotional items Trotec offers a number of laser machines ideal for manufacturers and retailers of promotional items, and is one of the few laser manufacturers to offer both flatbed lasers and galvo lasers. Developed and built twitter: @trophexlive in Austria, Trotec sets new standards in terms of quality and user friendliness. Bernd continues “We offer our customers a comprehensive product portfolio with a system suitable for everyone: From small, cost effective machines for getting started in laser processing to dual source flexx systems for mixed material workpieces, and high- speed galvo lasers for metal processing.” Speedy flatbed lasers are available with a Ceramicore® CO2, fiber or dual laser source. The different laser sources are able to process varying materials such as wood, paper, acrylic, textiles, anodised aluminium, glass or stone as well as metals and plastics. The unique, patented flexx technology puts both laser sources in a single machine and can be used in one work step without changing the laser tube, lenses or focus. Speedy flexx laser machines are the ideal solution for retailers of promotional items to get started in marking metallic products with minimal risk. Marking mass-produced items with high-speed galvo lasers Once laser processing is added to a company portfolio, it is common for an increase in larger orders to occur. These can be quickly and easily produced using high-speed galvo lasers. While suppliers of promotional items usually begin laser processing with a flatbed laser due to their flexibility and more diverse processing options, experienced suppliers utilise galvo laser systems. Depending on the application and the product, galvo lasers are approximately 10 to 50 times faster than flatbed lasers. The software is a particularly unique feature for Trotec galvo lasers, being the only manufacturer of laser systems whose galvo lasers can be operated with a printer driver software. While this workflow is standard in flatbed machines, this means that Trotec customers do not have to change their work processes if they expand their production facilities with a galvo laser system. Trotec Laser - Leading full-range supplier Trotec also offers a variety of engraving materials specially developed by Trotec for laser processing, ranging from laminates, acrylics, wooden panels, metals and accessories such as aluminium tags. These high-quality materials are available to order 24/7 from the engraving supplies webshop. As a manufacturer of lasers and engraving materials, Trotec specialises in coordinating these two areas to enable customers to achieve optimal results from a single supplier source. Go to www.troteclaser.co.uk for more information on laser technology and www.engraving-supplies.co.uk for engraving materials. JANUARY 2019 21