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BREAK THE MOULD IN 2019 BREAK THE MOULD IN 2019 Contact Glenway Bespoke Services Tel: 0116 244 9670 Email: sales@trophystreetbespoke.com Contact Glenway Bespoke Services Telephone: 0116 244 9670 www.trophystreetbespoke.com Email: sales@trophystreetbespoke.com Visit: www.trophystreetbespoke.com Halo Medals Personalising a medal with a logo Halo Medals brings a complete new rethink on how Glenway offer medals and personalisation. A traditional metal medal with engraving is always well received but the most important details are always hidden away. Halo medals change this completely allowing the outer edge of the medals to be personalised with any wording in any colour combination. The added bonuses to this medal seem to be endless. Not only is there no limit to the wording or colours possible there are no setup costs and no long delivery times with production taking just a couple of days. Better still if the customer doesn’t use all of what’s been ordered they can just repersonalise them for the next event. Personalising a medal with a logo usually consists of a 25mm insert in a medal. We all know this great budget option is always a guaranteed winner which is why Glenway have considerably increased the range of insert medals for 2019 but there has always been a missing middleground. Not everyone wants a budget medal yet not all can stretch to a fully bespoke option with setup costs and a longer lead time. So Glenway have ensured for 2019 there are options for all budgets with medals with what personalisation All this that talk are of designed medals, about in mind rather than just as an added bonus. trophies? All this talk of medals, what about trophies? It’s no good having bespoke or personalised medals without a trophy to match! Well don’t worry their new Cosmos range and printed glass take care of that complementing the already popular engraved glass and crystal. The trophies, as with medals come in a range of styles to suit all budgets and tastes. UR O UR RDING H ER WO E HER G IN RD Y O U R WO W O R DIN G twitter: @trophexlive HE JANUARY 2019 17