Tell Myself To Me Project report (2) - Page 9

Every child has the right to opinion and is recognized as an important member of the team. The training was a modernizing, innovative, creative "Project-based learning project - each child chose a plot and developed maps, drawings, applications, etc., and defended a personal project." All realized activities are based on the game as a basic method We engage the parent community with the project, the families were our partners, making the project socially relevant to our community, our goals and expectations. The project is based on Cultural heritage. Moreover, It aims to continue cultural heritage and carry the elements of cultural heritage to each counties. For example; Bulgarian students learnt and introduced Turkish traditions, historical and natural beauties moreover, Turkish students learnt and introduced those of Bulgarians. In this project, to represent the project, students and families created two mascot dolls. The name of Bulgarian doll was given by our students and families. The name of Turkish doll was given by Bulgarian students and families. They dressed like their culture. The dolls