Tell Myself To Me Project report (2) - Page 11

open and flexible. It sets clear goals and expectations, and can be achieved with different creative and attractive activities for children. The children worked in teams and individually. Successfully developed self-confidence and initiative, striving for efficiency, opportunities for team and team planning and organization, creativity, creativity and innovation, ability to conceptualize your own design, end-product presentation skills, self-confidence, flexibility and much others. The educational program is related to the development of competencies. We have developed together with our partners a schedule for joint activities - a great opportunity for teamwork and upgrading. Together, we did each activity-a real partnership, and reflected it on the pages of the project and on the walls of the We shared photos, videos, presentations, e-books, creative collages, games. I am extremely pleased that the project has led to the development of Tolerance Practice. Through their activities and communication, children develop skills such as expressing recognition, acceptance and understanding of children from different cultures, and showing tolerance to alien opinions, beliefs, behaviors, desires, interests and goals. Expected expectations and planned tasks were achieved Students worked with groups. For example, they worked together in the garden. They wrote story with all project students. The project is based on Culture and values education so our project is directly related to all lessons learning outcomes. For example, In Science of life lesson, students are supposed to gain awareness of culture with music and art. Our project made students learn Bulgarian culture with art and music activities. In Turkish lesson, In person and society subject, The unite includes empathy, cultural union, respect to the difference and cultural communication, intercultural which are the themes of our project. Collaboration took place through private messages on the eTwinning portal, the Facebook platform, and personal meetings where we negotiated and exchanged ideas with project partners on how to realize the project. The cooperation between the students takes place in well planned common activities, negotiation of common product products, exchange of Elif and Mariana puppets, making a general book with the history of Mariana and Elif,