Teen Titans Magazine Vol. 5 Issue 3 Final Copy-3

Volume 5 Issue 3 Winter 2018 Teen Titans The Magazine for Titans by Titans Jam Out! Visit pg. 4 to listen to the Magazine Staff ‘s playlist that puts us in a good mood! New Fiction! Uncontrollable, The Hallway, Broken Nails, The Secret Garden, and more! Take a Break and Bake! Rest and bake some red velvet cupcakes and oreo pops with amazing recipes featured on pages 24-27! Should the Nintendo Switch Motion Controls Be Used? Hop on over to pg. 8 to finally hear the end of this widely popular debate! Students Show Off Their Skills with Reflections What was reflections and who won the competition? Flip to pg 15 to find out more. That’s Cool! Read about the Femineers’ trip to the LA Convention 1 Center on page 12.