Technology How-To's 1

Virtual Desktop Access  Installation and First Time Use Windows XP/Windows 7/Windows 8 laptop or desktop HISD has deployed a new application called Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) that allows remote users to login and access their U:\ drive from anywhere outside the district. Your home computer or laptop will connect to a virtual machine inside the district and run a Windows 7 computer that has access to your U:\ drive documents. The Microsoft Office Suite is not installed on these computers, but Open Office is. Open Office is a free word processing suite. These programs will open up automatically when you select documents from your U:\ drive. This access needs to be after school hours or on weekends since it is a set of virtual computers that is shared with our students during the school day. Click here to download the Citrix Receiver Application 1. Click above to download the Citrix Receiver Application to your computer 2. Click the Download button. 3. Accept the End-User License Agreement. 4. Select Download your file manually at the next dialog box.