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LIFE IN THE RAF HOW WE LIVE Recruits live in on-base accommodation for 10 weeks during their initial training, or 24 weeks for Officers. This gives them the opportunity to get to know their new colleagues, work as a team and learn about the RAF. After training, RAF Regulars can live in the ‘Mess’, commute from home, or rent nearby. On base the RAF provides subsidised accommodation and food (that caters for all dietary requirements), superb leisure and sports facilities, and a real sense of community. RAF personnel develop a great deal of trust and confidence in each other because of how much they come to rely upon one another. These bonds extend beyond work, with plenty of opportunities to socialise with both new and old friends, on and off base. The RAF attracts people who want the most out of life, so there’s always something going on. There are regular social events held in the bars and clubs on base. Additionally, most bases are close to major towns, making it easy to hang out there outside regular working hours. Social events, including barbecues and formal dinners, are also put on for Reserves and their friends and family. Most RAF personnel work normal hours, with weekends and holidays free to spend how they choose – but there are other opportunities to consider. There are more than 100 adventurous training activities available, from mountaineering to skiing, scuba diving to sailing. And the RAF will aid these adventures, both financially and with training. Advice and support is also on hand to help with everything from settling in, to planning a foreign posting for you and your family. TO FIND OUT MORE SEARCH: RAF LIFESTYLE AND BENEFITS READY FOR ACTION SHORT-TERM POST The RAF takes on challenges and is ready for anything at any time. For RAF Regulars this means they could be sent on short-term overseas duty to use their skills to help with specific, temporary projects. Overseas duty can vary in length from a few days to a few months. Past duties have included airlifting supplies to a snow- bound mountain village, rescuing stranded crew from enemy territory to providing relief to victims of natural disasters, all of which couldn’t have been achieved without direct support from RAF Engineers. As part of a short- term post you could see people and places that you would never normally see and find yourself challenged in ways an average civilian job could never offer. LONG-TERM POST The RAF polices the skies and supports peacekeeping and reconstruction initiatives around the globe. We do this through permanent bases, temporary bases, embassies, NATO and exchange posts. RAF Regulars can be posted at these locations for two to three years. Life on a long-term post tends to be similar to living on a base in the UK: typical amenities, well-maintained accommodation and the same high-quality food. Beyond that you will get to experience a place you normally wouldn’t and have the opportunity to travel during peacetime posts. We also provide a network of support for partners and children while away from home, but most personnel have the chance to take their dependant family with them. 9