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TRAINING OFFICERS AIRMEN INITIAL OFFICER TRAINING Once you’re accepted into the RAF, you will start your career with Initial Officer Training at RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire. This is a 24- week course that has been specially designed to help you develop the leadership and management skills – and the military skills and fitness – you will need as an RAF Officer. This includes drill, classes in strategy and leadership, adventurous training and simulated exercises. The training is delivered by experienced RAF personnel and civilian specialists to ensure that it is academically relevant. Once completed it will earn you a valuable Level 5 Diploma from the Institute of Leadership and Management. RECRUIT TRAINING As a recruit you will start out with 10 weeks of recruit training at RAF Halton in Buckinghamshire. Here you’ll learn how to live and work as a member of the RAF. You will find out about our history and culture as well as learning important military skills such as weapon handling and survival techniques. You’ll learn how to fight in military environments, practice weapons skills, concealment techniques, and first aid. You’ll also experience battle conditions with controlled explosions and small arms blanks fire. ENGINEER OFFICER TRAINING If you choose the path of Engineer Officer you will embark on a 24-week course at RAF Cosford which is designed to prepare you further for your role as a leader, a technical manager and a professional engineer. Here, you will begin to learn about engineering for military technology. “YOU WILL FIND OUT ABOUT OUR HISTORY AND CULTURE AS WELL AS LEARNING IMPORTANT MILITARY SKILLS LIKE WEAPON HANDLING” ONGOING TRAINING Whatever your role in the RAF, as your career progresses you will have further opportunities to train, whether on the latest technology the RAF introduces or to develop important leadership skills. For Engineer Officers, this training could make you eligible for RAeS, IMechE, IET or BCS professional qualifications and you could also achieve either Incorporated or Chartered Engineer status. Progress towards professional registration is mapped against all engineering roles, with annual SPECIALIST TRAINING After your recruit training, you will begin your specialist training. Where you go and how long the training lasts will depend on your job. However, as well as technical skills, you will get on-the-job experience – often at a much earlier stage than you would as a civilian. The training, and your experience, will form the foundation of an advanced apprenticeship and other useful qualifications. membership fees fully funded by the RAF. This streamlined professional registration process is available for all Engineer trades, be they Officer or Tradespersons. FITNESS Fitness is a key part of life in the RAF. We will assess your fitness before you join and there are regular physical education sessions throughout training. We recommend that you get as fit as possible before you join. Visit your local Armed Forces Careers Office for advice on health and fitness. 7