Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 6

TRAINING OUT IN FORCE RAF TRAINING Join the RAF and you will be stretched every day and get the very best training to take on any challenge 6 The RAF offers engineering and technical recruits outstanding training opportunities. But when you join, your first steps will be learning to live and work as part of the RAF team. Whatever role you choose, trainees gain professional skills and qualifications. Many trades offer the chance to gain an apprenticeship (see p24), which is a leading civilian-recognised qualification. We want our personnel to be as well qualified as – if not better than – people doing the equivalent job outside the RAF. That’s because these skills will equip you to work in the UK and overseas – with operational detachments around the globe. Quality education is one of many benefits of the RAF. All of our Engineers stay at the forefront of their field through continuous learning, hands-on experience and training. Reserves have access to our Learning Portal and a range of other opportunities for self-study, while Regulars receive an annual allowance for new qualifications.