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WHY JOIN? THE OPPORTUNITIES OUR ROLE AT HOME We defend UK airspace through reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, surveillance and cutting- edge technology that enables rapid responses. Equally important is the work we do in communities across the UK and beyond. We’re actively involved in raising money for a range of charities, hosting youth leadership courses, getting our hands dirty to protect the environment and taking part in community projects. This is in addition to the world-famous aerobatics displays and ceremonial events that form an integral part of life in the RAF. OUR ROLE ABROAD In trouble spots around the globe we help police the skies and support peacekeeping and reconstruction initiatives. We do this through temporary deployments and permanent commitments. It’s not always about our interests though. We provide humanitarian aid to victims of war and natural disasters, deliver life-saving shelters and even airlift people to safety. RAF personnel have worked in disaster zones such as the tsunami in Indonesia and earthquake in Pakistan. Whether preventing a civil war, providing relief and aid to countries that need it most or thwarting terrorist actions, being a force for good is what our work is really about. If you want to work as an Engineer Officer or Technician in the RAF we offer 11 roles, which include Aircraft Technician, Electrician and Cyberspace Communications Specialist. Regardless of role, gender, age, background or qualifications, we offer: l l l l l l l l  orld-class training and W ongoing development A  highly competitive benefits package A  culture of camaraderie I  ndividual responsibility within a wider team of exceptional individuals F  ull-time Regular and spare-time Reserve commitment levels T  he ability to see and stay in touch with friends and family, while also forging new friendships S  porting opportunities and facilities T  op-of-the-line kit SEARCH: RAF ENGINEERING 5