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FAQs FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS HOW LONG WILL I BE AWAY FROM HOME FOR DURING TRAINING? Recruit training at RAF Halton lasts for 10 weeks and is split into six sections. To find out more about these search RAF Halton For an Officer in the RAF, Initial Officer Training takes place at the RAF College Cranwell in Lincolnshire. This involves a 24- week course designed to develop leadership and management skills. CAN FAMILY CALL ME DURING MY TIME AWAY? Throughout training there will be the opportunity to call home during evenings. Recruits are allowed to bring a mobile phone for use in free time, with ample opportunity to use it throughout your training course. There are also special areas provided to access the internet and connect with friends and family via email and social media. WHAT HAPPENS IF A TRAINEE FALLS ILL OR IS INJURED DURING TRAINING? All recruits are looked after by station medical and dental teams. If too ill to train, recruits will be excused from duty until well enough to return. ARE THERE BREAKS TO RETURN HOME AT WEEKENDS OR DURING HOLIDAYS? There may be occasions when trainees can return home during Initial Training, but this is very much dependent on the training schedule. ONCE TRAINING IS COMPLETE WHERE DO PERSONNEL LIVE? Post training, personnel in the RAF will be assigned to one of our many stations, either in the UK or overseas. All our bases have accommodation, but there are also opportunities to live off base if you wish. To see a list search RAF Stations WHAT QUALIFICATIONS WILL RECRUITS GAIN AND ARE THEY RECOGNISED BY CIVILIAN EMPLOYERS? All qualifications you gain during your time in the RAF are recognised by civilian institutions. The qualifications you gain depend on the trade or branch you specialise in. This includes the ability to gain both IEeng and CEeng accreditation. “THROUGHOUT TRAINING THERE WILL BE THE OPPORTUNITY TO CALL HOME” WHAT IS THE STANCE ON BULLYING AND HARASSMENT? The RAF has a zero-tolerance policy on bullying and harassment. We have dedicated Welfare and Support Personnel on all of our stations who are there to assist with any problems. HOW WELL RATED ARE RAF APPRENTICESHIPS? RAF Engineering Apprenticeships have all been awarded ‘Outstanding’ in all areas by OFSTED. HOW LONG WILL I BE IN THE RAF FOR? The RAF offers an initial contract of 12 years, but this doesn’t mean that you have to serve that full term. The RAF does expect a minimum return of service for the investment in your training – normally three years. 47