Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 43

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS ON THE JOB ELECTRICIAN MATTHEW Matthew is an Electrician and works on Ground Support Equipment (GSE) in the Aircraft Support Equipment (ASE) bay at RAF Waddington. “THE BEST PART OF THE JOB IS TESTING MYSELF ON ALL DIFFERENT TYPES OF EQUIPMENT AND LEARNING MORE AND MORE, DAY BY DAY” “I knew that the RAF would be a great career with chances to see different parts of the world, while making friends for life. I also always wanted to be an electrician and felt that the qualification would stand me in good stead for life after the Service. “I learnt a lot during Specialist Trade Training. It got me to a good standard to feel comfortable at my first posting, especially with the basics like fault finding. When you get to your first posting there are many different bits of kit that you would never have worked on at training so the basics help a lot. It was a big transition at first going through training; it was very regimented and everything had to be to such a good standard. After you’ve got through training things are a lot more laid back – you still keep everything at a good standard but the environment is a lot more relaxed. “As an Electrician I work the array of diverse GSE on camp – all the equipment that is used on the aircrafts for testing of the aircraft mainly. The work varies from doing a yearly service on a bit of equipment or something being brought in which has a fault. Each day can be completely different. “The best part of the job is testing myself on all different types of equipment and learning more and more, day by day. Another good thing is that you don’t know what job you’ll be doing the following day. “The work-life balance is just right; you have enough time to do sports and education so that when it comes to work you don’t feel overworked and it keeps the morale high in the workplace. “On the base I use the gym quite often and I play football with the station team in training and games. The time that you can get off to do things that you enjoy is a massive perk. Being able to break the week up a little bit by doing something you love can’t be bad.” 43