Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 37

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS ON THE JOB GENERAL TECHNICIAN WORKSHOPS LEE Lee is a Corporal, working as a JNCO within Station Workshops at RAF Waddington. “My trade manufactures, modifies and repairs everything from aircraft components to ground equipment. For my Specialist Trade Training I learnt basic engineering principals, as well as sheet metal work, pipe bending, welding and machining (among other things). On promotion to Corporal, I completed a Junior Leadership and Management Course, an excellent course that gave me theoretical knowledge and a practical foundation to ensure I was best prepared for any supervisory and management challenges I was likely to encounter. I’ve also earned an NVQ Level 3 sheet metal work Welding and NVQ Level 3 Manual Machining. “Part of my responsibilities are to supervise others and carry out stage checks making sure the work is carried out correctly. The best part of the job is that every day is different – there are always different tasks to do. “Like any job I work eight hours a day, five days a week – it’s very rare I work weekends. It’s an excellent work-life balance. It’s nice that General Technician Workshops is a small trade as I’ve stayed in touch with colleagues from all my previous postings. “I’ve had many memorable experiences in the RAF: hanging out the back on a Hercules taking photos of the icebergs and glaciers at South Georgia, or being on a yacht in the the Red Sea with a beer in my hand watching the sunset stand out as particularly special.” 37