Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 35

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS ON THE JOB COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE TECHNICIAN DANNY Danny is a Senior Aircraftman from Lincoln. He was a qualified joiner before becoming a Communications Infrastructure Technician. He’s currently based at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. “As Communications Infrastructure Technicians we work outdoors, maintaining radio masts and aerial equipment. It’s an important job because if our communications go down completely, aircraft won’t be able to talk to air traffic control. “The training to become a Communications Infrastructure Technician includes basic engineering skills, health and safety requirements and rigging – which is setting up ropes and pulley blocks to lift equipment up to a certain position on a mast. It’s not for people who are scared of heights: for one of the entry tests you have to climb a 90-metre tower and work at that height. “Since I joined the RAF, I’ve worked all over Europe and the Middle East. During the second Gulf War I built temporary aircraft hangars and we also installed some of the fibre optic cables that allowed coalition forces to communicate. “Being based in Cyprus is great. I love the rock climbing and abseiling here. The RAF supports both that side of my life and my education. I got the chance to qualify as a team leader in rock climbing and I’m working towards an Open University engineering degree.” “I JOINED THE RAF BECAUSE I WANTED TO WORK SOMEWHERE THAT OFFERED THE CHANCE TO SEE THE WORLD” 35