Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 33

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS ON THE JOB WEAPONS TECHNICIAN ROB Since joining the RAF, Rob – a Senior Aircraftman – has worked on a variety of different aircraft, including the Typhoon fast jet and Hercules. “I work on Typhoons at the moment. My primary tasks involve maintenance of ejection seats, loading a variety of weapons, doing any fault diagnosis needed on the weapons systems and carrying out pre-flight checks. If I’m working the day shift, my first job is to ensure that the aircraft computers are carrying the correct information. Later, I’ll carry out flight servicing duties, re-entering data and information once the aircraft start to return. “I’ve been deployed to Basra, where I worked on Hercules aircraft. I was working alongside multinational forces and dealing with foreign aircraft – doing loads of things I’d never done before. You learn a lot on a deployment like that. You also meet some great people. I’m due to go out to the Falkland Islands later this year, which will be a nice change of scene. “It can be hard sometimes, being away from your family. But you get used to the routine of things, to living so closely with other people, eating together and so forth. When I’m in the UK we usually knock off at about 4.30pm, so there’s often time for a game of football after work. Even if I’m working nights, there are always opportunities to relax a bit in the afternoons before my shift begins.” “THE GREAT THING ABOUT THE RAF IS THE OPPORTUNITY TO SEE NEW THINGS AND DEVELOP BOTH PERSONALLY AND PROFESSIONALLY” 33