Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 26

ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS CYBERSPACE COMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST £5000 JOINING BONUS* As a Cyberspace Communications Specialist it will be your job to set up, operate and maintain the technology the RAF relies on to communicate. That could be the local area networks or airfield navigation systems on a base in the UK, or satellite links in remote locations that allow your unit to communicate with the rest of the RAF. These are vital systems and you will be trained to a high standard to use and maintain them. A Cyberspace Communications Specialist is also responsible for the integrity, maintenance and cyber protection of data used for next-generation aircraft including Typhoon and Lightning. As part of your training you will study a range of subjects, including: electronic and radio principles, mathematics, Cisco Academy IT Essentials, Cisco Introduction to Networks, Microsoft Server 2K12, relational databases, programming techniques, satellite and data communications, information systems and cyber security. No 1 Radio School is a Microsoft- and Cisco-accredited academy, and the training you will receive is recognised by a wide range of civilian employers and backed by transferable qualifications. A major advantage of being a Cyberspace Communications Specialist is the breadth and diversity of jobs that you could be employed in. Further training is open to you to ensure that you 26 are properly trained for your roles. If required, specialist training will be given in application support, web-skills, database and network management and cyber security to ensure the integrity and efficient operation and management of the RAF’s and other military networks. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AGE 16 – 48 must attest by your 48th birthday GUIDELINE ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS GCSEs at Grade C (Grade 4 to 5 with effect from Aug 17) or equivalent in English language, Mathematics or SCE Standard Grades at Grade 2/Scottish National 5 in English, Mathematics and an approved science/technology- based subject. If you do not meet this academic standard, you may still be eligible and should discuss your application with your local AFCO. NATIONALITY You must be a citizen of the UK or hold a dual UK/other nationality. *Must enter service by 31 Mar 2020 and complete phase 2 training. A 4 year return of service is required from the training completion date. Other T&Cs apply. TO FIND OUT MORE SEARCH: RAF ENGINEERING