Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 20

ENGINEER OFFICER ENGINEER OFFICER (AEROSYSTEMS) Engineer Officers (Aerosystems) are responsible for the RAF’s modern- day fleet of fast-jet, transport, rotary and intelligence aircraft. You will work with the weapons, avionics and propulsion systems of aircraft, their airborne communications and the ground equipment that supports them. But this is much more than just repairing and maintenance. The first role you would typically undertake following training would be to take over command of a Bay or Flight. In this role you would have a mature team around you so that you can find your feet, begin developing your leadership style and start putting into practice all you have learnt. After about two years this would usually be followed by a JEngO tour (the name given to the Junior Engineer Officer on a flying squadron). Here you will work towards gaining Airworthiness Authority, which will allow you to authorise aircraft to fly. Having gained this experience we would look at moving you to a Project Team, where you would be responsible for supporting the frontline operation of the RAF’s aircraft and equipment through day-to-day advice, investigations, equipment and tooling, not to mention bringing new equipment into service or modifying existing equipment. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS AGE 17½ – 48 Must attest before 48th birthday QUALIFICATIONS An accredited Bachelors or Masters degree in an appropriate engineering or scientific subject, eg: l  aeronautical engineering l m  echanical engineering l  electrical engineering l  electronic engineering Degrees should be accredited by one or more of the four professional engineering institutions most closely aligned to the RAF’s needs: l t  he Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) l  the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) l  the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) l  Degree accreditation status can be determined via the Engineering Council (UK) website www.engc. Other engineering degrees might be accepted at the discretion of the Officers & Aircrew Selection Centre (OASC) Engineer Specialist. Applicants must also have a GCSE Grade C (Grade 4 to 5 with effect from Aug 17) or Scottish National Equivalent (SNE) Grade 5 in English Language. NATIONALITY You must be a citizen of the UK or the Republic of Ireland, holder of dual UK/other nationality or have been a Commonwealth citizen since birth. TO FIND OUT MORE SEARCH: RAF ENGINEERING 20