Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 14

ENGINEER OFFICER ENGINEER OFFICER ROLES IN THE RAF Keeping our aircraft and communications equipment operating at peak performance demands the best of the best Engineer Officers are leaders and are expected to manage and motivate a team of highly trained technicians. You will be accountable for safety-critical equipment and your role will include overseeing staff welfare, personnel development, managing budgetary constraints, and prioritising resources and tasks. As an RAF Engineer Officer you will receive excellent training and have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art technology. Depending on your qualifications and capabilities, you will work in one of two areas: Aerosystems or Communications/Electronics. You will normally begin your career on an operational flying station but as you progress you could find yourself in a variety of roles. You could be checking that new aircraft and equipment meet our high standards, or working with defence manufacturers to design equipment that will improve our operational capabilities. As you progress in your career you will work with many of the RAF’s partner nations that the RAF has to be able to communicate with for its daily business – this may be exchanges with the Royal Navy or Army, being embedded with other Government organisations or undertaking overseas postings to work with the UK’s international allies. RAF ENGINEER OFFICER ROLES ENGINEER OFFICER (COMMUNICATIONS/ ELECTRONICS) Engineer Officers (Communications/ Electronics) are responsible for the RAF’s vast array of information technology, communications services and networks, RADARs and other airfield traffic services equipment. They can be expected to: l B  e the head of IT for an RAF station (up to 5,000 users) l Provide cyber security expertise and analysis l B  e a Change Project Manager for multi-site/multi-classification computer systems l Lead the provision of deployed IT/telephony services in support of exercises and operations worldwide ENGINEER OFFICER (AEROSYSTEMS) Engineer Officers (Aerosystems) are responsible for the RAF’s modern- day fleet of fast jet, transport, rotary and intelligence aircraft. They can be expected to: l Provide engineering management for RAF aircraft maintenance l Oversee the safety of munitions and other explosive materials l Setting, influencing and maintaining air-safety policy and direction TO FIND OUT MORE SEARCH RAF ENGINEERING 14