Technical and Engineering v16 - Page 13

ENGINEERING ROLES There is an array of Engineer Officer and Technician roles to choose from in the RAF – all demand first-rate skills and boast qualifications and ongoing training that will equip you for civilian life and work If you want to work as an Engineer Officer or Technician in the RAF, you have a number of jobs to choose from. You could be maintaining our aircraft so they are ready to fly at a moment’s notice. You could work on the sophisticated information technology systems and their supporting data networks that allow us to control our air operations – whether in combat or on search- and-rescue missions. You could look after ground support equipment like vehicles and power plants, or it could be your job to maintain our weapons or survival equipment. Engineer Officers and Technicians are responsible for looking after and repairing all the kit to support operations in the air environment, and making sure it’s always ready to use, whenever and wherever we need it. These jobs can demand real technical skills and the RAF offers excellent training that can earn you qualifications of recognised value among civilian employers (including Eng Tech, ICT Tech, IEng and CEng). But they are not just technical jobs. As an Engineer Officer, you will have a crucial management and “THE RAF OFFERS EXCELLENT TRAINING THAT CAN EARN YOU QUALIFICATIONS OF RECOGNISED VALUE” planning role in the RAF. And if you join as a Technician, as your career progresses, you will develop valuable leadership and management skills. Whatever your role, you will benefit from the good career prospects, free healthcare and competitive pay and pension package offered by the RAF. JOB ROLES l l l l l l l l l l l  ngineer Officer E (Communications/Electronics)  Engineer Officer (Aerosystems)  Cyberspace Communications Specialist  Vehicle & Mechanical Equipment Technician  Survival Equipment Specialist  Weapons Technician  Communications Infrastructure Technician  General Technician Workshops  Aircraft Technician Avionics  Aircraft Technician Mechanical  Electrician 13