Techlandia September 2017 - Page 62

60 Many of Oregon’s gaming studios have found success in development for top-tier gaming studios, while developers in other states have struggled to maintain a service studio industry due to overseas outsourcing. Pipeworks Artists at work However, Peter Lund, OGO’s board chair and chief operating officer of SuperGenius Studios, said that Oregon has a “secret sauce” that sets the state apart. “Oregon has an excellent sense of craft. People are invested in the work that they do. They’ve devoted their lives to making things of worth, and that comes through in the quality of our art and the experiences and games that are produced here.” In the few years since its founding, OGO has made a big impact. By participating in two recent legislative sessions, OGO was able to expand the state’s media production tax incentives to include gaming in the list of industries with access to those funds. Like Story Board, OGO is also heavily involved in ensuring that Oregon takes a lead role in advanced VR and AR initiatives.