Techlandia September 2017 - Page 39

Techlandia 37 TEND: ADVANCING SMART ROBOTICS IN BEND The manufacturing industry isn’t what it used to be. Advances in robotics, cloud computing and artificial intelligence have made automation more flexible, intuitive and affordable than ever. This is where a robotics company in Bend comes in. Tend has introduced the first hardware-agnostic smart cloud robotics software in the world to help manufacturers monitor and control robots and machines remotely. Tend’s software at work Tend’s software allows robots to read screens and take visual cues. Industrial machines were designed to interact visually with human beings, and today, Tend is finding ways to help those machines communicate more effectively with one another and for manufacturers to remotely control them. Tend’s software allows robots to read screens and take visual cues. The company’s in.control platform turns any smartphone into a mini-control center, so monitoring a production line is as easy as checking email. Using USB cameras, in.control enables robots to read and respond to HMI screens, check for quality, and monitor project status. Users get a real-time view and control of their machines and specific jobs at all times. Mark Silliman, CEO of Tend “Most approaches to smart manufacturing rely on replacing old equipment with internet- connected machines, or expensive retro- fitting with sensors and PLC technology. We simplify this process by making the robots smart enough to interact with machines as a human would. By using cameras for vision and web-based cloud robotics software, we allow businesses to monitor and control their factory from anywhere at any time,” said James Gentes, co-founder and chief product officer at Tend.