Techlandia September 2017 - Page 38

36 Ticketing platform startup GlobeSherpa was funded by OAF in 2012, and later merged with Daimler’s RideScout to become Moovel. The company is one of 55 to benefit from OAF’s support. THE PARTNERS IN OUR CORNER: OREGON ANGEL FUND Oregon Angel Fund (OAF) is a professionally managed venture fund backed by some of Oregon’s most forward-thinking and respected business leaders. Founded in 2007, the OAF community is considered an ally by many startups and early-stage growth companies in need of funding and ongoing guidance and support. The fund invests as little as $100K and as much as $2 million and has backed more than 50 startups statewide. OAF ensures early stage startups with innovative ideas find the strategic partnerships and necessary capital to bring them to life. The fund’s investments cross into many sectors of tech, including networks and Internet of Things, health tech, financial tech and data analytics. Recent investments include WILD VR and the Outdoor Project. The fund follows a unique model, according to Jon Maroney, who manages OAF’s outreach and entrepreneur partnership success. “OAF is a venture fund made up of 180 individual investors that come from nearly every industry, 85 percent of whom have started or lead a company themselves. The decision to fund a business is made by each of those investors – and it’s an Oregon-grown model that’s starting to spread to Seattle and other cities.” So, what lies in the future for the Oregon tech scene? “Oregon excels in the spaces that meld different industries and people of different backgrounds,” Maroney said. For example, fields like mar-tech, which blends folks from marketing and software development. “It’s in the gaps that we see the best opportunities for young companies to take,” Maroney said.