Techlandia September 2017 - Page 30

28 EDUCATION Increasing diversity and tech industry opportunities for Oregonians isn’t up to the state’s business community alone; higher education institutions are doing their part to reach out to the community and are forming strategic partnerships to help broaden the tech talent pool. The University of Oregon, for example, has formed partnerships with federal agencies, private foundations and industry sponsors to further its academic and research goals. The UO is involved in constant discovery and innovation thanks to partnerships and programs like the Engineering and Technology Industry Council, Oregon Innovation Council (Oregon InC) and the Oregon Regional Accelerator and Innovation Network. With the help of tech-forward companies and their leaders, accessible school programs, devoted educators and passionate community advocates, Oregon’s tech community is closing the talent and diversity gap in all corners of the technology field. Together, they’re creating an exciting new future, bringing unprecedented opportunities in tech to young adults from all walks of life.