Teamtalk - June 2016 June 2016

 Edition 73 - June 2016 We’re now at the start of our new journey which is all about ‘Unlocking Potential’ of residents, staff and the business. Hopefully you’ve seen the colourful posters around the offices. The headline targets are listed on page 2. This may be a new chapter, but there’s no change to our overall approach. We’ll continue to place customers at the heart of everything we do. One of our ambitious targets is for 70% of residents to be using services online. We can all play our part in achieving this target by encouraging residents to sign up to MyAccount. It’s the easy way for residents to check their rent balance, report a repair and update their details. Make sure you are familiar with MyAccount, more information is available on our website. Viridian update So, how did you find the SET Roadshows? Your input into these sessions has been invaluable. It was great to hear what you think the cultures and values of the new organisation should be. I enjoyed listening to staff at Viridian too and I look forward to sharing the word clouds with you soon. Things are progressing with the partnership. We’ll start negotiations with the banks next month to ensure we begin life together on the best possible financial footing. We’ll also appoint our ‘shadow’ Executive team by the end of July and commence recruitment for a shadow Board and Chair. We remain hopeful we’ll complete all the legal requirements by January 2017. I’ll continue to keep you updated, but in the meantime feel free to ask if you’ve any questions. DISCLAIMER Teamtalk is an internal magazine for staff use only. Please ask for permission from the Comms Team before using any articles and photos. Thank you.