Tarek El Mahaba October Magazine - Page 40

Monastic Life “For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” (1Timothy 6:7) Monastic life is a way of leaving worldly life to stay with the our Lord Jesus Christ. The goal of it is to attain Christian perfection. It is the beginning of a new life that resembles angels. People who choose this way of life discipline the desires of the flesh and live in harmony with one another in a monastery. The monastery setting is of a spiritual community. It encompasses a group of ascetics who came together under the leadership of a spiritually experienced head, called the abbot, to learn and practice the true ascetic life. spiritual discipline. Monks control the bodily desires through lots of fasting, prayers, and hard physical labor to discipline the works of the flesh. Funeral prayer is to be prayed on each one of them since they died from the world. Hermits are monks living in solitude. Some of them dwell in caves. Many of them spend the weekdays Ascetic is defined as practicing strict self- denial as a measure of 40 by themselves. However, they gather in their monasteries to celebrate the holy liturgies with their brothers every Sunday. May the Lord God help all of us to live a life that glorifies His ho ±ä¹…µ”)ѡɽ՝ Ñ¡”¥¹Ñ•É͕ÍÍ¥½¸)½˜Ñ¡”µ½Ñ¡•È½˜½M…¥¹Ð)5…É䁅¹M…¥¹ÐMѕÁ¡•¸¸)µ•