Taleni Africa Collection 2017 - Page 34

Facilities The well-kept sparkling swimming pool is a focal point in the centre of the Sossus Oasis Camp Site. Adjacent to the Camp Site is the Sossus Oasis Service Station offering fuel, an Internet Café and a tyre workshop Service. The Service Station Shop is fully stocked with snacks, drinks, XKܛ\Y\ []Y\\[[[˂HX\H\ݛZHH\H[ۙY\]\[ٙ\[[XXHYX[˜[[Y[\H[H\HۙH[H[Hو^][X]]Y\^ܙBH\XK܈\\ܛ\][[]\H]HX[\ܛ\[\]\]\œYYH[Y[ܛY\[\]Z\Y]\]][[]\Y\\]YH\XH[[^\X][ۈX[]Y\ˈ\\]HYY\[[]HX[]Y\\H]Z[XKXXX]\[[]\\[[\]H\Y]وH\\[\\]\H