Synaesthesia Magazine Thunder, Lightning - Page 40

Open Air Cinema in the Rain Jim Pascual Agustin Karen Boissonneault-Gauthier is a photographer, writer and poet. Published internationally, regionally, as well as in heritage and military museums, Karen likes to try a bit of everything. She’s writes and shoots cover art for Crack the Spine Literary Magazine, Zen Dixie Magazine and has been featured in Artemis Journal, Sand Canyon Review, among others. Follow Karen @KBG_Tweets. Jim Pascual Agustin writes and translates poetry in Filipino and English. He grew up in the Philippines and has lived in South Africa since 1994. He recently won Third Prize at the 2014 Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award. ​​A Thousand Eyes, his seventh poetry book, is due for release in 2015. Sagada, August 1993