Synaesthesia Magazine Thunder, Lightning - Page 29

Born in Boston, Kymm Coveney has lived in Spain since the 1982 World Cup. A translator who practices fiction on blog, Better Lies, she has published poetry with Black & BLUE, Antler Press and Solidarity Park Poetry, as well as flash fiction with 101Fiction, 1000words, NFFD and The24Project. Roar and clap, the summer storm leaps into her heat-drenched, muslined heart. She hears fat drops tumble onto stones, puddle the grass. Stripping in haste, tripping on her panties – one one thousand – she thrills to the crash and sizzle. Loud rain light on her skin. Inconsequential. She swirls, arms raised to fat clouds’ offering. Come! Cool, hard pinpricks. She’s a squaw. Goosebumps. A settler rinsed by new worlds, fresh tears. Caught in her own spell. Incantation to one more August rain dance.