Synaesthesia Magazine Thunder, Lightning - Page 25

Yeats (he made a song out of When You Are Old. I’ve got the tape. One day I’ll listen to it again. When I’m old. It’s so beautiful, I can’t face it); Larkin’s novels; Fawlty Towers (on VHS); Peter Sarstedt (after a few drinks, mind you); and this town, he loved this town. And when he said hello or said goodbye, he’d hug me tight and slap my back. He was quite small, but he had the hug of a big man. When we die, our lives become stories, don’t they? But the shock of it is true. Not the shock of his dying. The shock of his ever having lived. The shock of it is true. Nick Coad is a tattoo artist from Fife, Scotland. His main influences include new school tattoo and comic art.