Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 67

I'll tell you one thing now,

Is I don't trust these moving pictures.

I remember a Kinetoscope where you could see a woman’s thigh.

And I remember all those carnie boys

would put their pennies in

so's they could look,

slack-jawed and awful,

and I remember when they skipped town

I couldn't wait to say goodbye...

I remember I was ten years old

when my father took me to a movie theatre.

And when the lights went dark I saw a train track up on the screen.

And my father screamed so loud

when that train started roaring

I could swear it was gonna hit him.

And then he carried me out.

He said the devil was in that machine.

Now I've had a good life,

I've been a tax-payin', law abidin' strict Christian.

And I'm Baltimore born and raised,

I got the black eyed susies growin' by my front fence.

And I wanna raise my kids to be the same as me,

good morals and hard workin,

I’ll teach them that every action's got a consequence.

Like this Mr. Howard Hughes shows me pictures of this Western flick he's


They say it's scandalous the way he's shot this brunette girl.

Well I saw it,

and I swear her chest hung

like a storm

over the garden,

'bout to flood the whole world

'bout to flood the whole world.

by Harry Harris