Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 64

Force of Nature

He’s met his match

a friend says

when I say

I’m not responding.

It’s been six months

and I haven’t seen him

despite tenacious texts and

flirtatious photos.

We’re talking serious

restraint on my part.

Let’s start with his texts:

You need a massage and to relax

and I’d like to

(and then cryptic detail

about how he’d…)

This is not helping

my resolve

he’s aware is eroding.

It helps to repeat to self,

he’s hollow as the night

whether in his bed

or mine.

Why don’t you tell him

not to contact you?

a friend asks.

I might want to row on his river

I say (no subtext intended)

I mean the river he’s made his domain.

He wants to see you,

you want to see him –

what’s the problem?

I save his texts, and then

wipe them all out…

…except two

that undo me.