Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 5

Meet the editors

Annabelle is an editor for children's publishing by day, and the explosive world of Synaesthesia by night. She is currently working on a short story collection inspired by the twisted world of taboo relationships, predominantly influenced by Ian McEwan and anything else that's drenched with the disturbed. @abelia91

Carlotta is also working on her first short story collection, except by ‘working on’ she means ‘dreaming of’. Inspired as much by experimental short fiction as by guitar-laden music, her stories tend towards the dark and bloody. Ask her about that time she went to Nashville. @1chae

Carlotta Eden

Annabelle Carvell

'Nasty Stain'

by Raven K Rollins 54

'Star Struck'

by Mackenzie Doss 56

'Lust and Gluttony'

by Anders Johansson 58

'Stolen Tears'

by Jade Weighell 59

'The Garden Reaper'

by Will Jacques 61

'Bridles' and Photography

by Carlotta Eden 62

'Force of Nature' & 'Paradise Island'

by Madeleine Beckman 64

'Maximus and the Summer Thunderstorm Over a Landscape'

by Harry Harris 66


by Carolina Giani 68

'where r u?'

by Carlotta Eden 69


by Christiaan Sabatelli 70

'Cadmium Red'

by Madeleine Beckman 71

'Lust: Family Portrait I'

by Jordhana Rempel 72


by Carolina Giani 73

'The Seven Princes of Hell'

by Jeremiah Walton 74

'Into Dark'

by Sam Russell 75