Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 27

> by pushed aside.

Colour words are strange; yellow is yellow in my mind as the letter ‘Y’ is yellow, but when I think of the colour pink, the actual colour pink shows up in my mind. This has again blocked my synaesthesia as none of my synaesthetic colours are pink at all, and the word ‘pink’ would probably look blue, normally.


The other type of synaesthesia I have is spatial synaesthesia, although it took a lot longer to realise I thought this way and others don’t. Not everyone sees months of the year in a wheel with August in front of them, or sees one to a hundred going up to the sky in blocks. I know that some non-synaesthetes do have visualisations, but from what I gather, it’s voluntary and could be manipulated from time to time, unlike mine.

It takes some amount of rigid analysing to realise how you think, synaesthesia or not. Imagine minding your own business and someone pulling you over and saying: ‘do you realise you have two legs?’, and then giving your two-legged condition a special name, ‘legaesthesia’, and sending you on your merry way.

So if you think you know how you and everyone else thinks, think again. But be grateful to hear of these differences as they will pull you out of the norm and teach you to see the world as a new and exciting place.

" Imagine minding your own business and someone pulling you over and saying: ‘do you realise you have two legs?' "

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