Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 2


'Spring' by Sullvan the Poet 4

The Village Green by Sal Page 6

'Ethel' byAnnabelle Carvell 8

'Demolition' by Carlotta Eden 9

Photgraphy by Jake Tucker 10

Disconnect by James Tillman 12

Spring Onion by Amos Greig 13

'Summer' by Sullivan the Poet 14

Photography by Christopher Atkinson 16

The Tree and the Demon by Vincent Kenny 17

Photography by Christopher Atkinson 20

Interview with Hugh Dunkerley 21

'A Year in Green' by Alex Jones 22

Artwork by Risa Moro 23

'Greenstone' by Harry Harris 25

Photography by Lizzie Burgess 26

'Aria' by Sullivan the Poet 27

'Sticks ‘n Stones' by Sullivan the Poet 28

'Canvas of the Mind' by Misty McIntosh 30

Photography by Scott Anderson 32

'The Velvet Green Gown' by Geraldine Walsh-Whiteside 33

Gooseberry by Natalie Baker 34

'Forbidden Fruit' by Sullivan the Poet 36

Photography by Lizzie Burgess 37

Lord of the Land by Sinead O’Hart


Photography by Natalie Baker 40

The Green Man by Morgaine Davidson 41

Review: The Hobbit by Tom Robinson 42

Photography by Lizzie Burgess 44

'The Little Almond Tree' by Kenneth Eden 46

Recommended Reads: The Storyteller Review by Amy-Louu Ceaplen 48


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Cover art: 'Owning Everything'

by Will Jacques

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