Synaesthesia Magazine Seven Deadly Sins - Page 18

hey, pretty girl

come sit on my lap

I've beaten old men

and asphyxiated

bugs, but I


I'm fun

Curl - to finish?

after you die

they'll roll you up like a cigarette

I'll wave

and I might cry

while they all say

he's in a better place

but I know, down there,

you're thanking frank

you couldn't grow old

and i know, and you know, and he knows,

that when the nights are full of poets

thirsty monsters licking wind

your momma stroking her hairy chin

you won't care

if we forget to cry, after you die

'cause across your heart attack face

when you're dead, dead, dead

maggots eating your cue-ball eyes

with your momma dabbing her cheeks

I'll be doing crosswords

in your favourite chair.

'After You Die' by Carlotta Eden