Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 6

I’m ridden, littered,

infested with them.

Teeming with them,

covered in them

from head to toe.

My face is a maze,

a woodworm’s labyrinth

of crevices and furrows.

I’m not a woman,

but a fruit gone too ripe,

or pressed and dried,

with skin tough and hard.

But he can pull it back,

with minimal scars –

a procedure tried and tested,

to lift and fill the cracks,

and give my pride,

my self and being back.


by Annabelle Carvell

Illustration: Geri Hutyan is an up-and-coming Hungarian illustrator based in London. He takes his inspiration from nature, high fashion and Hungarian folk tales. His signature style includes bright colours and exceptional details.