Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 57

rotation, like announcing the change

of seasonal wings; crooked

her smile and eyes so vile

the fingers on her hand

I counted were more than five!

Aghast at beholding the leering creature

I shuffled and fumbled as its squiggly fingers

caught hold of me...

Travelling in speed breaks

my ears detected a faint auditory

I came to, as if coming out

of a coma, I heard my name,

‘Uranea Doily…Uranea Doily…’

pervaded the classroom’s tense air.

A voice snapped, like a whip crack

as I watched Einstein’s apple fall!

I was back in my seat

staring at the equation

plastered onto the blackboard:

Find x if 3x = 9;

a collective of forty eyes

pinned down on me,

anticipating an intelligible reply.

Predicting her next words,

‘the answer is 3!’

I squeaked before her hand rested on me.

Ms Fouler’s frown

eased into a flat line,

as she retreated to her desk.

A furtive glance out the window,

a crafty, dodgy sign!

My head spun like rolled out dice

halting on numbers prime.

Oddity! Probability!

I saw the apple was back in the tree;

its teeth sparkling Calcium

while it hung there winking at me.

Umm-e-Aiman Vejlani holds a degree in marketing but has a deeper penchant for writing. She has been published in several magazines/journals such as The Commonline Journal, Boston Poetry Magazine and The Camel Saloon. When she isn't writing, she's usually staring out windows either in pensive thought or dreaming with her eyes wide open.

Illustration: Miranda Fox is an image maker from London, inspired by an endless list of dark and distorted novels, avid collector and admirer of the cosmos. Working predominantly in found materials and paper. Can be found in old book shops, tea houses or at the bar with a g&t, pondering the possibilities of time travel.