Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 56

work in progress

‘What is so interesting about that tree?

You seem lost in its mystery.

Was it Einstein’s apple you saw fall?’

(queer, it was

not shaped like the usual ball!)

Queerer still, she was no teacher

of English, but Math.

Why, I puzzled, did she rhymeth hath?

Ms Fouler was indeed

a rotund zero. She stood

like an Isosceles stuffed in a circle;

pointy headed,

her hair bunched

up in a Saturn’s plate;

her chin disappeared

into fatty layers of a drooping jaw

down to her rugby ball neck…

The thundering karma

cracked once again.

Ms Fouler was bent

to a right angular degree

her back a perfect stretch

like a ruler’s centimetres

parked to the perfect ‘T’.

‘Where is your head, Uranea?’

I gaped and froze

as if caught between

magnetic fields from pole to pole

her head made a Solstice