Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 55


A reverberating command

amplified through the air,

piercing into my reverie,

like clouds rolling headlong

into a fight of a Taurean pair.

My eyes averted first

to the voice that lumbered

like an audio frequency

in a static frenzy.

‘Would you care, Uranea Doily,

to answer my query?’

I wish my teacher

whom I called Miss Fouler

(her name Caddie Flower;

she smelt awful,

close to the green slime

of a Cadaverine bug’s)

didn’t bellow my name so loud.

The rest of the class snickered

‘oily doily, trouble broily'

'Er, Ms Fou.. Flower, I quite missed the line.'

(A pint of sniggering,

with a pinch of grunting…)

Silence!’ she roared;

like the Gods of Greek

turning tables over

Socrates’ themes.

Illustration: Miranda Fox is an image maker from London, inspired by an endless list of dark and distorted novels, avid collector and admirer of the cosmos. Working predominantly in found materials and paper. Can be found in old book shops, tea houses or at the bar with a g&t, pondering the possibilities of time travel.