Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 41

My other half is in two minds,

half a mind to leave,

and half a mind to stay,

which leaves one mind remaining.


One mind remaining, and half a mind to stay,

so there’s a quarter of her mind

that I need to change.

A quarter of an other half – an eighth.

she says

An eighth of you I need to convince

that my heart beats not half-heartedly.

I pick you apart - I imagine you in eight.

A grapefruit, pink-fleshed:

Your belly, your head,

two arms, two legs, two breasts.

I kiss them all to make your heart rest.

And yet in your two minds

there will always be protest

howls from the rafters and the wolves won't stop barking

though you're doing your best just to lock them away

but do you throw them a bone or leave them to die?

and yes, I've felt my mind at times too become fractious

though only for fractions of fractions of seconds

because I am a half, and you are the other,

and seven out of eight,

is a pretty good bet.

by Harry Harris