Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 31

Tell me, can the yearning for something

ever become so heavy, so dense, that

it crystallises

and makes the wished for

the longed for

the ached for

exist again?

And you say:

imagine the vacuum of eternity;

far too empty and far too cold.

It is held in the physics of yearning,

cradled in space, stretched across time.

and in that universe,

the wishing is hydrogen

the wanting, helium,

and longing

is the fusion that fuels the stars.

The hard iron ache

will never leave.

Supernova breakdowns pepper

the vast expanses with platinum shrapnel.

And in all the many worlds,

carbon recollection leaves its mark:

filling your mouth with ashes;

blinding your eyes with diamonds.

And what if it never was? I say.

The neurons travelled the path

of that narration so many times

that imagination is made

A memory.

Illustration: Risa Moro