Synaesthesia Magazine Science & Numbers - Page 25

Pi is so simple: a curved thought caught

then it’s gone, like sunlight under a wing.

We reach to pin the butterfly

but numbers’ dogged chase is doomed:

faithful to their master and the infinite end.

Pi glitters in the spinning stars, smugly measures

silicon unknowables. Not naming it

drives men mad. After a trillion decimals,

pi smiles its perfectly semicircular smile

and slopes away for the nth time.

Hunting Pi

Left illustration: Clinton Johnson is an illustrator living in San Francisco, inspired by nick-at-nite reruns and fractured fairytales, a heavy day dreamer, often staring at clouds. Working predominantly with paper and anything he can fit in his pockets.

by Carlotta Eden

Isabel Rogers lives in Hampshire. Her poetry has been variously published and performed (including in Poetry Wales, Mslexia, and Live Canon). A recent flash fiction was shortlisted in the 2013 FlashMob International Competition. She is currently editing her second novel and writing a sitcom. Details, and regular blogposts, are at

by Isabel Rogers